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Hello, and thanks for visiting my website. While the name on my passport is Constantine Peters, however most know my by my knickname 'Dean'. My lovely and beatiful wife, Karen, likes to call me 'Beaner', perhaps because it rhymes with Dean(er), or perhaps it is because of the bean-like physique I've aquired over the past couple of years !

The term 'BeanerSpace' was created by my wife to describe those times I gear into 'artist' mode. That is, 'BeanerSpace' refers to a very special state of concentration I enter when working on music, computer programming or studying the Bible. Since this website will concentrate on these areas of interest, it makes sense name the site after this state of mind. While some people find 'BeanerSpace' a bit surreal, eclectic (and sometimes even scary), I personally find it a fun and productive place to be. Below a brief description of the goodies this site offers:
The Music & Opera page is for those of you into music, especially those into classical vocal music. It also contains my musical/performance resume, for those in need of something sung good and loud.

Bible Study is part of my constant campaign to get people back into the scriptures so they know what they believe (or what they don't believe) and why. I guess I'm tired of people equating faith with ignorance.

Computer Programming not only pays the rent, but is quite satisfying when done right. Yes, of course this page contains the obligatory link to my programming/professional resume, but primarily covers issues and languages that I find interesting. I think you will too.

I find many websites single-dimentioned and/or boring (don't ask me why). To avoid this, I've included the Mios Amigos. This page contains short profiles of my friends, and what websites they find interesting, amusing and/or useful.

Are you killing time ? Bored out of your skull ? Feeling kinda dopey ? Well, just don't sit there ! Introduce yourself by signing my Guest Book. No, I'm not selling names (I HATE JUNK E-MAIL). I'm just interested in the different types of people who visit this page.
I cannot believe how many Christians think Constantine is a woman's name !
To that end, here is some history on the subject.
  • Constantine I (ca.272 or 273-336, C.E.)
  • The Early Centuries of the Eastern Roman Empire
  • The Emperor Constantine and Jerusalem
  • Below is a list of things I call 'Beanations'. These are web pages that I've created &/or helped design. If nothing else, the prove that this page was no fluke !-)
  • Romanian Construction Project
  • Redland Baptist Church
  • In the meantime, here are some other sites of interest. They don't really fall under any of the categories above, but I like'm.
  • Do drop's Homepage Helper
  • Peary H.S. - Midnight Sun Online
  • Magellan People Finder
  • The Ultimate Weird Al MIDI Page
  • Starting Point Wepage Finder
  • Topic specific links, e.g. Music, Scriptures, & Programming can be found on their respective pages. Other fun links can be found under the Amigos page.

    Finally, thanks again for visiting my website. If for any reason, you have a question, find a broken link, offer a comment, complain, suggest an idea or whatever, please do not hesitate to send me e-mail and let me know what you're thinking.

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