I thought it might be interesting to give you cyber-surfers out there a chance to see what type of company I'm keeping. I figured the simplest, and most web-wise way to do this was to create a set of pages, which give quick stats on some of my friends, co-workers and other-wise and provide a listing of their favorite links.

the Lovely and Beautiful Karen Peters
Karen Peters is perhaps the most beautiful, intelligent, funny and spiritual woman I've ever known. True to form with most natives of Pittsburgh, Karen has the body of a ballerina with the spirit of a linebacker and the mind of math teacher. This sometimes gets us both into trouble when she's tired of me hogging the laser printer and proceeds to hip-check me across the room. I don't know why she puts up with me, but I give thank God for every day she's in my life.

Karen has a degree from Penn State in Meteorology, and her Masters from Johns Hopkins in Computer Science. She loves hockey and art-festivals. Here are some of Karen's favorite links.
  • Dilbert
  • Penguins Hockey
  • Univ. of MD Earthcast
  • Wallace and Gromit
  • Reboot Homepage
  • National Air & Space Museum old work
  • Orbital Sciences Corporation (OSC) new work
  • Sun MicroSystems... looks, brains & a nerd too!

    (Don't worry, we're just getting started ... there'll be more URL's sooner than you think.)

  • the Honest and Hard-working Chris Zisi
    Chris Zisi is one of my closes friends. He's the guy who tells me like it is, not what I want to hear (oof!). You would thik with a degree in English Lit. from Boston College and a law degree from Tulane, that Zisi would be into all sorts of liberal activist type things. Instead, he works for the FBI, uses the web to trade 'police-patches' and spends much of his time with his new son Matthew.

    Here are the links Zisi recommends:
  • The Hockey News
  • Model Railroader Magazine
  • Dr. Laura
  • National Review Magazine Online
  • Officer Håkan Thelin's Police Patch Igloo
  • Martin's Homepage
  • Law Enforcement Patch Collectors' Corner
  • ESPNet SportsZone
  • Live Traffic Camera Pictures
  • FBI Home Page The day job.

  • Tom Bettinger, yet another big gallute
    This senior member of the Big Gallute Society of America is another one of my close friends. Mostly because our friendship was born out of adversity. He was in all but 2 of my classes through my entire master's degree program up at Hood College. He helped keep me sane, and I kept him entertained.

    Tom, like me, is now the proud new owner of a Master's degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering. He likes to bowl and is about to get married. Currently he is in the process of overtaking a newly purchased home. In the meantime, here is where Tom like's to surf :
  • Softball on the Net
  • The All American! Home Page
  • AMF Fair Lanes - Shady Grove
  • Vegetable Rights Association
  • Bjarne Stroustrup's homepage Tom's gonna kill me when he sees this one.
  • Telecommunications Techniques Corporation (TTC) Where the work is.

  • Mike Rizzo ... a 'family' man
    Mike Rizzo is one of those co-workers who knows where all the pipes and hoses are connected. He and I don't have much in common outside of computers. Well, computers, and NYC and good Italian food. Hmm ... I guess I should invite him to my next party.

    Here are the Rizzo Links
  • Free downloads from Microsoft
  • The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
  • Catalyst Development's Socket Tools
  • Welcome to Westat work, work, work ...

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