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C++ Code/Samples
Dates.h Dates.cpp Date class providing basic date operations
Sockets.h Sockets.cpp basic network/internet communications
MatchWild.h MatchWild.cpp Joe Strout's char array wildcard match & replace
. standard.zip Barker, String, Array, and Matrix Classes in C++
Useful C++ Websites
  • Reusable C++ Libraries
  • The SNIPPETS collection
  • More SNIPPETS collection
  • Charles Prineas C/C++ Links
  • Other C/C++ Resources
  • The Standard Template Library
  • Yahoo's C++ index

  • Power Builder
    PB Code/Samples
    4558.zip Call 16 bit API from 32 bit PB 5
    blt09.txt Global function for shift+F1 help
    blt10.txt Using response windows
    captur.zip Screen Capture Application
    chsfnt.zip ChooseFont Comm Dlg functions
    chsclr.zip DLL to Windows ChooseColor Dialog
    ddcal.zip Dropdown Calendar Object
    fast.zip FAST test for PowerScript performance
    multil.zip Multilingual nonvisual object
    pfc_xtnd.zip Extend the PFC
    pb5books.zip a Comprehensive list of PB books
    timer.zip Overcome the 65 seconds barrier
    pbtty.zip Serial communication in PowerBuilder 5
    sdktes.zip SDK functions to change network printers
    symbol.zip Using font Symbols instead of Bitmaps
    colpick.zip Yet another Color Picker Dialog
    Other Useful PowerBuilder Websites
  • Ken Howe's PB Tips & Resources
  • Breck Carter's PB Tips & Resources
  • PowerBuilder Samples Library
  • free PowerBuilder software page

  • Visual Basic
    VB Code/Samples
     ... sorry, but the VB code/samples portion of this page is still under construction ...
    Likeable Visual Basic Websites
  • Carl & Gary's Visual Basic Home Page
  • Visual Basic Online

  • Programmer Links
    Other LINKS
    Here are some other programmer's links I've found useful:
  • Dilbert
  • Programming Guide/Resources
  • Programming Languages
  • (PCRobots) - Other Programming Games
  • Dr. Dobb's Journal
  • News
    Other LINKS
    How about some C++ related newsgroups ?
  • comp.lang.c++
  • comp.std.c++
  • comp.lang.c++.leda
  • comp.lang.c++.moderated
  • ctdl.lang.c++
  • hepnet.lang.c++
  • fj.lang.c++
  • nersc.c++

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