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Originally a native of Rockville, MD, I left for New York City after graduating the East Carolina School of Music to accept a scholarship in the studio of Yolanda Apre'. Subsequent studies included voice lessons with Sam Sarkarian and coaching with Janet Bookspan of the New York City and Metropolitan Opera companies respectively. My professional singing credits include principal roles in productions by the American/Israeli Opera Company, The Henry Street Theatre, The Russo-American Opera Company, The NYC Gilbert and Sullivan Players, and the Center for Contemporary Opera. My favorite role was that of Don Alfonso in a production of Cosi Fan Tutti.

After 8 years in NYC, I was confronted with the reality of Matthew 5:29-30. As a result, I left my operatic ambition in NYC and moved back to Rockville where I subsequently met and married my wife Karen. Since that time, I have has concentrated on sacred works, including solos in productions of Let All Heaven Rejoice, concert works such as the 7 Last Words of Christ and Handel's Messiah, and solo recitals and performances at various churches. Currently, I am working on a computerized accompaniment for Dvorak's 10 Biblical Songs for an upcoming tape project.

For more information about me and my singing, click here and view my performance resume & headshot.

Egad, I've been performing for quite some time. Actually, since age six. Now that I've finished graduate school, I will begin to list singing oppurtunities as they arise. Also, if you have an _AUDITION_ or _COMPETITION_ you'd like to advertise, do it here. At some point, I will also list .wav files that provide you a sample of my singing wares.
Christmas Fantasia at
Redland Baptist Church
there were some ... but they're over
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MIDI Tutorials
Want to learn more about MIDI ?
  • Introduction to MIDI: How Much for Just the MIDI ? by Eric Lipscomb
  • Tutorial on MIDI & Music Synthesis by Jim Heckroth
  • The USENET MIDI Primer by Bob McQueer
  • J&J Music's MIDI Tutorial by Michael Tyler
  • Christian Computing Magazine Articles by Johnny Glover
  • MIDI Basics by MIDIWorld

  • MIDI Enhance Performances
    I have been playing around with MIDI since about 1986, and before that, cut my teeth in the analog daze as early as 1978. Yup, you're looking at a guy who has actually seen and played a Moog III !!! This page is brand-spanking new. As I create MIDI works, interpretations, etc... I will post them here for study and critiques.
    Sacred Solo Works
    "The Lord's Prayer" by A.H. Malotte
    'The Trumpet Shall Sound' from G.F. Handel's Messiah
    Sacred Collections & Ensembles
    'Missa Brevis in Bb (k.275)' by W.A.Mozart
    Opera & Leider
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    Music & MIDI Links I Like
    Here are some of my favorite music/MIDI links.
  • Silvis "WOODSHED"
  • CakeWalk Music Software
  • Cakewalk Users
  • Classical MIDI Archives
  • International Singing Discussion List
  • National Association of Teachers of Singing
  • OperaWeb - Karaoke
  • Classical & Religious MIDI Sites

    Here are some Newsgroups I hang out in.
  • alt.binaries.sounds.midi
  • rec.arts.fine
  • Here are some past news group threads I've been involved in:
  • an Alta-Vista search on past posts the bean.

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